Millenial Money Saver

Hip Money

With years of experience in the banking industry the founder of Hip Money wanted to create a fun and engaging way for millenials to save money. We helped him dig into the psyche of the millenial and design an experience that would engage and empower them to plan for the future without sacrificing the present.

Roles & Responsibilties

  • Brand Identity
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Design
  • Brand Messaging

User Experience

We worked with Betterview Leadership to establish a clear vision for the future. While they started with a focus on drones, we soon realized that they were becoming a business intelligence platform. We established these strategic foundations:


We wireframed the entire app to gain feedback from stakeholders and potential users.

Design Direction

The client had an existing prototype out in the market and they really liked the look of it. We proposed a color evolution along with these stylistic improvements. The color scheme was shot down and we reverted back to the original scheme.


We designed an icon set that was simple and ownable for the brand.

UI Design

Based on the wireframes, We designed all of the app screens and wired them up using Invision.